Corporate Information

We are an integrated international property consultancy service company. We assist our clients in the entire process of procuring a suitable property, finance, contract, handover, property management and relocation.


IPS’ business objective is to bridge the gap and connect potential investors to real estates available in the market and advise on cross border sales and purchase transactions. IPS is a one stop solution that offers all-round services such as sale and purchase, legal advisory, financing, taxation, migration and also after sales services including property management, letting, rent collection and property resale.

Property Investment

IPS is established and well known as an international real estate marketing consultancy specialising in international real estate including:-

– Australia

– Portugal

– Thailand

– United Kingdom

– Malaysia


IPS has ample experience working with many international property agencies and developers across the globe in promoting property developments and advise on cross border sales and purchase transactions.

Board of Directors

Nick Ng


Nick is the Director of IPS Real Estate, also known as International Property Settlements. Graduated from Curtin University, Perth, he started his career in real estate in 2007. Throughout the years, Nick has handled significant real estate transactions and he strives to advise and assist property investors to invest in highly valuable assets and investments that generate positive returns.


As a seasoned property investment himself, Nick is entrusted by retail or corporate clients alike to provide insights and advice on particular segments of real estate market.


Nick also advises on various areas including project planning and management, investment, marketing and financial management systems. Nick is well versed in the real estate markets across South East Asia, Australia and United States.


Nick is also in charge of the company’s business development to improve on the company’s market position and achieve financial growth. Some of the key business initiatives include assisting Developers and Master Agents to plan and execute large-scale marketing campaigns for their projects.

Judith Leow


Judith Leow is an Australian Chartered Accountant. As a graduate of The University of Western Australia with a Bachelors of Commerce, Judith then obtained a Masters in E-Commerce from Murdoch University.


Judith started her career in KPMG in the fields of auditing and consulting. Judith then joined MAA, a Malaysian insurance company as a manager in charge of the setting up of its mortgage loan division.


Judith is well versed in the Australia market and has 10 years experience in marketing Australian projects. Coming from an accounting and finance background, she specializes in finance and investment related matters and she also advises and assists clients in choosing the best real estate investment that is best suited to their needs and requirements.